Training and Education

Fellows Collaborative Skills Training (FCST)

April 4, 2019, Cafe La Cave (Des Plaines)

How Values and Identity Impact Our Work as Dispute Resolution Professionals

Nancy Cameron will lead a highly interactive and self-reflective training, where we will explore how specific universal values underpin our sense of self. Using a tool to evaluate our default self-monitoring style, we will identify where we fall on the self-monitoring continuum, and how to use this information to help us constructively work with our colleagues. Attendees will examine components of their core identity, and how in conflict, personal identity feels threatened, unacknowledged, or under attack, and how to increase effectiveness as dispute resolution practitioners, and to help build healthy Collaborative Practice groups and teams. This training provides FCST and continuing education credits. Click here to learn more and to register.

June 20, 2019, Oakton Community College (Des Plaines)

Training presented by Beth Wilner, CLII Coach & Child Specialist. More information coming soon.

1:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Mediation Training

Membership in CLII requires the completion of a Basic Training and a 40-hour mediation training. Below are providers who offer the mediation training. See Requirements to be a Fellow in CLII for further details.

NOTE: If you wish to take a non-CLII sponsored training to fulfill CLII’s requirements for membership, before you register for the non-CLII sponsored training, you must submit a table of contents for the course and bios of the trainers for review by the CLII Membership Committee. Questions? Please contact the CLII Administrator at:

Other Educational Opportunities

If you’re interested in attending a non-CLII program for FCST credit, please check with CLII first to ensure that it meets the FCST requirements (1: it is a training that directly relates to the skills necessary to engage in interest-based negotiations and Collaborative Practice; 2: it concentrates on process rather than substance and should be highly interactive; 3: it is designed to enhance a professionals’ ability to fulfill their role on a Collaborative team.) Please email the program title, description and program provider’s name to

For other Collaborative-related training and programs around the country, check the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) Training page.