Collaborative Law Resources for Professionals

The Collaborative Divorce Institute of Illinois is committed to expand professional awareness about Collaborative Practice. We are also dedicated to providing divorce professionals with the information, training and education that they need to successfully practice Collaborative Law.

Here are some free Collaborative Divorce resources for professionals. We hope that you will use them to grow in your Collaborative Practice.

Collaborative Divorce Articles

Collaborative Law: A Brief Overview – Sandra Crawford, Illinois Bar Journal, Vol. 105 #9, September 2017

To File Or Not To File? That Is The Question (white paper) – Christiana Zouzias, June 2016

A Beautiful Legacy – Theresa Beran Kulat, Fellow, Suburban Life, January 2015

How You Benefit From A Collaborative Divorce And Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Collaborative Lawyer – Jason Sposeep, Legally Speaking, October 2014

To Have And To Hold On To, Forbes, February 2007

but_let_s.shtml">It’s Over, But Let’s Be Friends, Tampa Bay Times, April 2007

Collaborative Law Can Make Divorces Cheaper, Civilized , Houston Chronicle, June 2007

More Couples Seeking Kinder, Gentler DivorcesNBC News, December 2007

Bringing Harmony to Divorce, The Times (UK), November 2006

General Divorce/Marriage Sites

Making Marriage Last:  A Guide to Preventing Divorce can be ordered here or by calling 1-800-422-6595: This booklet is premised on the belief that “..divorce isn’t always the answer. Though some marriages should be abandoned…many “unsalvageable” unions can be saved. If you are willing to devote some time and energy to identifying and correcting the problems in your marriage, chances are, you can avoid the financially and emotionally draining process of divorce.”

Smart Marriages: (… all couples disagree about all the same basic issues – money, kids, sex, housework, in-laws and leisure time.The difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is how they handle their differences. Successful couples disagree in a way that makes their relationship stronger. They also have other skills and attitudes which help them build long-term happiness and satisfaction. The good news is that anyone can learn to do it better and smarter. . .” Provides articles about the impact of divorce on children and parents, book reviews, and question/answer section. DivorceNet is the oldest and largest online, international divorce resource dedicated to helping people through the painful process of divorce and related issues, the site offers a robust virtual community, including a nationwide listing of divorce lawyers, collaborative lawyers, divorce financial planners, mediators and information about divorce-related issues. This site offers state-specific guidebooks, a large divorce-related bookstore, links to resources and message centers, and, for a fee, child support calculations for your state. The Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers provides some unique resources for Illinois divorce including:  Common Illinois Divorce Abbreviations and Q&As Regarding Family Law Issues in Illinois.  It includes short articles regarding Grandparent Visitation, Legal Separation and Divorce Valuation in Illinois Family Law Cases and Premarital Agreements in Illinois.

AFCC: The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts,, an international and interdisciplinary association dedicated to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

The Children’s Rights Council : is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting children of separation and divorce through advocacy and parenting education. Their site offers excellent, up-to-date research: legislative information, links to other sites and resources and a good book catalog.

Collaborative Divorce: Turning Loss into Gain — is a user friendly family law site that offers timely, useful information about Collaborative Divorce. It provides many useful links.

Divorce Interactive ( provides information on divorce laws, child support, child custody, alimony and other divorce related issues to people affected by divorce. You can use Divorce Interactive to find divorce professionals and divorce support groups in your area, browse through articles in our Divorce Resource Library, listen to divorce professionals speak about important divorce topics on Divorce Talk, our internet radio program, or share your divorce experiences with others.

The Smart Divorce: Helping individuals through the divorce process in a more effective manner.

Mediation Network: A leader in providing affordable mediation services, providing listings for over 3,000 mediators. Their mission is “to provide you with a trustworthy, competent mediator who cares about you and your problem and has the expertise to provide excellent service.” A valuable resource for divorcing parents who are willing to make serious commitments about co-parenting after the divorce for the benefit of their children.

Peaceful Shared Custody: was lauded in September 2000 and has several resources of interest.

Parenting Sites

Kids’ Turn: Workshops for parents and kids going through a separation/divorce; the thoroughly researched list of reading materials for kids and for parents is a superior resource.

Responsible Divorce: “Gives you information to help you make the effects of divorce gentler on your children and yourself.” A comprehensive site for parents providing announcements, articles and a wide variety of resources.

Parents Place: Look under the Family section for a listing of topics including divorce, single parenting, bereavement, etc. Chats and message boards on specific topics are listed in this area. Parents can search for information on a particular issue and a list of previously answered questions will be listed. Therapists answer the questions.

Parents Press: Offers information on numerous topics, including children’s health, childcare, coping with family problems, mothers and fathers groups, and children with special needs.

Practical Help for Parents: Founded by adolescent specialist Michael Y. Simon, MFT, a high school counseling director, noted speaker/educator and psychotherapist in private practice; provides real-life solutions as you parent, support and understand the teens and pre-teens in your life.

Our Family Wizard: This is a great tool for developing shared parenting calendars and assisting parents in structured communications about parenting issues.

Your Social Worker: This site features numerous articles for parents by Gary Direnfeld, MSW RSW.

National Resource on ADHD (CHADD): For Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. Information about the organization, AD/HD, school discipline, and locating local chapters.

Up to Parents: Free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.

Support for Fathers

A Man’s Guide to a Civilized Divorce: How to Divorce with Grace, a Little Class and a Lot of Common Sense, Sam Margulies, Ph.D., J.D. 2004. 

Support For Fathers: Aims “to inspire and equip men to be better fathers.” Offers practical tips on various topics such as step-dads, single dads, disciplining teens, and more. There is also a mechanism for contacting other fathers for fathering support, or finding out about fathering research.

Fathers World: This site has lots of good links to father-related research, policy and practice.

Fathers Are Parents Too: A coalition of family members working to encourage both parents’ participation in kids’ lives. There are some financial and legal articles and links to other father-related sites.

Support for Mothers and Women

Moms Online: ( Offers a wide variety of mothering, parenting, and divorce topics.

Sassy: A group of divorced women who want to have some fun and laughter in their lives, while they’re movin’ on! Featuring an upbeat social network, which introduces divorced women to other divorced women in their own community and via the internet. Their goal is to make it possible for these women to get on with life again through friendships with other divorced women. Our motto: Laugh, Dance, Move On!

Step-Family/Single Parent Sites

Step-Family Foundation: ( This is the site for the Stepfamily Foundation. It lists 10 steps for step-dads and step-moms, kids, young mothers and grandparents (among others) to help form healthy step-families. It offers online counseling, question and answer areas, and other links.

Parents Without Partners: This site offers some information about Parents Without Partners, a national organization offering a community for single parents, with research and single parenting tips, and directs readers to PWP chapters in their area.

Making Lemonade: Single parenting support site with extensive links to other sites, resources, advice about kids, dating tips, even business networking. Mediators, attorneys and child psychologists from all over the world can advertise their services in the Making Lemonade Resource Guide. Be sure to check out her “If I Only Knew Then” Ebook at

Selected Collaborative Practice Sites

• Collaborative Practice California

• Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota

• Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan

  • Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP): Umbrella organization for collaborative practitioners and practice groups in the fields of law, mental health coaching, and divorce-related financial services. All CLII Fellows are also members of the IACP.