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The Many Advantages of Choosing to Divorce Collaboratively

By Ellene Lammers, LCSW When clients are deciding on which process to choose for their divorce, collaboration can seem daunting due to the costs involved. Collaborative divorce is a team approach to divorce. Each client has his/her own attorney. There is one financial neutral, and depending on the case, one or two coaches. The attorneys […]

Why Teamwork is So Important in the Collaborative Process

By Ellene Lammers, LCSW Collaborative Divorce is a “newer” approach to divorce. It is newer because many people have never heard of it and have no idea about it’s many advantages, although it has been a process option for divorcing couples in Illinois for quite some time. Collaborative is a team approach to the divorce […]

Marriage Story Movie is an Advertisement for a Collaborative Divorce

By Patrick Markey, JD The movie, A Marriage Story, was recently released on Netflix and has received a lot of attention from critics and movie fans. Please watch the movie before reading this post if you are concerned about spoilers. The movie follows a married couple with an eight-year-old son going to through a coast […]

Trust and the Divorce Process

By Jennifer Cunningham Beeler, JD Hiding a credit card receipt. Finding another empty bottle of vodka in the back of a cabinet. Deleting that text message. Such small things. Yet those small things pierce the heart, and are sometimes the irreparable crack in the foundation of a marriage. So why would anyone want to sit […]

Is the Collaborative Divorce Process Best for You?

Upset couple on a park bench considering using the Collaborative Divorce Process.

Is the Collaborative Divorce Process Best for You? by Karen Covy When you’re facing divorce, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You’re worried about money, your kids and your home. Your entire life is up for grabs. Plus your emotions are all over the board – you can go from anger to tears to […]

The Modest Means Program: Making Collaborative Divorce Services Affordable

The CLII Modest Means Program By David Louis The Collaborative Divorce Process offers a unique opportunity for spouses to divorce in a more supported and productive way. In Collaborative Divorce a team of trained and compassionate professionals works together to help divorcing spouses end their marriage in a respectful and dignified way. Doing that not […]

Divorce Options: Three Approaches for Couples

By Anna Krolikowska, JD Divorce is rarely easy. When most people think of divorce they imagine protracted fighting between the couple and between the lawyers. While many divorces are hard-fought some are not. A couple working through a divorce may find that this is one of the hardest, most trying experiences of their adult life. […]

3 Mental Shifts to Make to Help You Prepare Your Child for Divorce

By Ann Cerney, MS, LCPC Ahhh, the sweetness of your child. Never in your wildest dreams did you believe you’d fall so helplessly in love and feel such fierce protectiveness over a dependent little human. But that you did. And, now, as you are facing divorce, this child, or children, is at the very top […]