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After graduating from Miami University in Ohio, I attended law school at University of Missouri - Columbia, which has the top Alternative Dispute Resolution center. As a certified mediator, I found myself enjoying Collaborative Law in that many people had a "easier time" emotionally and legally selecting this process for divorces and even post decree. By making the process entirely your own to fit your family, you maintain control over the outcome and not a Judge. A Judge only knows so much, or as I like to say, so little, about your family whereas you know all there is to know. Why take the control of your outcome away from yourselves and put it into a Judge's hand who knows so little and only goes by the law rather than being as creative about how to resolve your case, so long as within the bounds of the law? That makes no sense. Sometimes you do need a Judge to intervene, which is why I am also a litigator, appearing before a Judge and presenting your case and the facts of your family and situation to a Judge to obtain the best outcome. I like to look at using court intervention as the last resort. I practice all areas of Family Law/Domestic Relations, both pre decree or post decree, for married parties, civil unions dissolution, and parentage cases. I represent men, women, children. I am appointed as the Court's Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Family Law and Probate cases. I am also a Child's Representative, and Mediator. Finally, I am a Collaborative Law Fellow, which is a great option for divorces. Further, I specialize in Probate Law (representing Grandparents'‰ÛÜ rights, children, and the elder when appointed as the Court's Guardian Ad Litem, (and draft certain estate planning documents). As a former prosecutor, I additionally practice Criminal Defense (representing juveniles and adults), Traffic and DUI Matters; Juvenile Law; Commercial and Personal Debt Collections and Defense; and Contractual Law, regardless if the aforesaid cases are Municipal, Chancery or Law Division cases. By taking on a few select types of law other than family, it keeps me current as to those families that have occupations and situations that helps for an attorney to have working knowledge of same. I find that by practicing diverse but limited areas of law provides for greater success in individual cases because I know not only more areas of the law that is applicable in other areas but additionally because it allows for me to meet as many attorneys and Judges as possible. An attorney can never receive too much experience, especially in going to as many Judges'‰ÛÜ courtrooms as possible while maintaining knowledge of the fields of law that I practice therein. Communication is essential in every aspect of the law, which is why I strive to perpetuate excellent interpersonal skills with Judges, clerks, clients, opposing attorneys and colleagues. In my practice, I successfully establish close working relations with clients with constant communication during and after the representation. I also am a Certified Mediator, Collaborative Law Fellow, Guardian Ad Litem for Probate and Family Law Divisions, and a Child's Representative. I am licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois and in the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois.