Barbara Tishuk

Beacon Law & Mediation, LLC
Phone: 844-576-2783
340 Quadrangle Dr. Ste. A
Bolingbrook  60440
First admitted to practice law in Virginia in 1989 and later in Illinois, I worked for a federal bank regulator in Washington, D.C., for many years, focusing on failed-bank issues (of which there are many!). After moving to Illinois, I began mediating cases and discovered that I truly enjoyed the mediation process itself and helping people resolve their disputes without a judge or jury telling them what to do. If I ever retire -- and I doubt I ever will -- I will spend as much time as possible riding my bicycle, working in my enormous flower garden, or processing photos in a darkroom, perfecting my old photos and creating new fine-art images. Because I know first hand how devastating divorce can be, as I am a child of divorce, I believe that the collaborative process provides an infinitely better way of handling the end of a marriage than does litigation. My hope is to help divorcing couples get the best chance possible for respectful post-marriage interaction and for a deeply loving and secure relationship with their children.